31 December 2007

Дед Мороз и Снегурочка

In the culture of the eastern Slavs, Ded Moroz (Russian: Дед Мороз) brings presents to children. Unlike the secretive Santa, he often brings them in person at the celebrations of the New Year, at parties by New Year Tree. Ded Moroz, or “Grandfather Frost” in English, is accompanied by Snegurochka (Russian: Снегурочка), or “Snow Maiden”, his granddaughter. Ded Moroz closely resembles Santa Claus and wears a heel-long fur coat, a semi-round fur hat, and white valenki or high boots (sapogi), silver or red with silver ornament. Unlike Santa, he walks with a long magical staff, does not say "Ho, ho, ho," and drives no reindeer but instead a troika, a three horse-drawn sled.

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