01 January 2008

The day after the night before

At two in the afternoon from my window on the third floor there were no pedestrians, no vehicles, no signs of life on the corner of Logvienko and Kievskaya, at least for the moment. New years’s eve here is a big deal, swollen in significance by adding the pomp of Christmas and Fourth of July fireworks. And because much of it cranks up after midnight, the first day, today, is jarringly quiet, with few signs of life, except from occasional crackles of distant fireworks, maybe an unspent rocket found in the debris from the night before.

I had a couple of friends over and at midnight we watched fireworks from the tiny and numbingly cold balcony on the other side of the flat. We listened to music, talked and laughed, went to Ala Too Square twice, about 10 and 2, the second time with some other people we picked up at their flat after their offer of more food and drinks I watched most of the end of Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, the Sam Peckinpah film from 1973, as I fell asleep on the couch sometime around 4 a.m.

And I woke up to “Cheek to Cheek” by Irving Berlin as performed by Jane Monheit from The Very Best of …(2005) running through my head.

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