11 February 2011

Looming drought could worsen Afghan security

Man crosses the street near the traffic circle in the Puhli Surhk neighborhood of Kabul. Despite some light snows in the last week that made streets sloppy, Afghanistan is facing a serious drought that could make “millions of poor go hungry and fuel instability as foreign troops seek to reverse surging violence in the battle against the Taliban," according to Reuters.

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  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Washington Post:

    A November report by the USAID inspector general called the "financial sustainability" of that university "questionable." The school is embarking on an $80 million fundraising campaign, said its president, C. Michael Smith.

    The university's emphasis on teaching business management and accounting is critical for Afghanistan's future, Smith said.

    "When we started the program, we were told there was one certified accountant who was Afghan," Smith said. "Here you've got a country where corruption is talked about a lot. You've got to have trained accountants."

    Not a beacon for aspiring engineers, physicians, Social Scientists, public intellectuals, but accountants?

    Wow! The University has come along way, baby.

    The photo of the palace is award-winning. Congratulations.