20 June 2009

Activists take Af-Pak response to Heinrich

Chelsea Collenge and Marc Page, members of Trinity House Catholic Worker, took part in the Ground the Drones demonstration outside the offices of Rep. Martin Heinrich Friday in downtown Albuquerque. The freshman Congressmen voted for a $106 billion appropriation for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Missiles from unmanned drone aircraft directed from a site in Nevada are being used against Islamic fundamentalist militants and their supporters in western Pakistan, which has invariably produced civilian casualties and displaced communities. Later that evening, I gave a talk with slides on war and peace in Afghanistan at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church. Both events were organized by Stop the War Machine. By the way, Chlesea and Marc are scheduled to be married in October.

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  1. Keep up the good work - we are all counting on and supporting you. Don't ask for a definition of "we".