11 March 2009

Tipping tea at the Pul-i-Malan

This transgenerational trio was sitting around a pot of tea next to the Pul-i-Malan, a bridge of 15 arches spanning the Hari Rud (river) in western Afghanistan. The clay, earthen bridge, praised by Babur in 1506, may have been built in the 13th century and has, much to the delight of Heratis, outlasted modern bridges swept away by the floodwaters of the Hari. There is a well-used wooded picnic area, or commons, on the river banks near the bridge, which made for a pleasant stop on the short drive from the airport to Herat proper.

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  1. Your 'Ksana looks a lot, and would probably remind me of my Barbara (sob)...

    I'll have the rent on monday, in the bank tuesday...