09 March 2009

Blowing blue glass at Hamadi factory

This small glass-blowing factory in Herat, Afghanistan, is run by Sultan Hamadi and his family, which he says consists of 18 children and 34 grandchildren. And three wives, a carpet dealer told me later. The Hamadi family, which also operates a dusty, ramshackle store about four doors away, was featured in a film by the Corning Glass Museum titled "The Glassmakers of Herat." Their methods are the same as those written on an Abyssinian clay tablet dating from the 7th century, according to the Visiting Arts website.


  1. The blue color? Is it copper or cobalt?

    How long are you in Herat?

    Don't you EVER teach? (/snark)

  2. A very fine blog, Seamus. I mean it. Good writing. Thanks. I think we will share it with others. I am keeping up this time with your logs.
    I and the whole family wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. At least there are two more hours left of it from here. I am not sure if you are ahead of us or behind us in the time frame. We are all thinking fondly of you and wishing you and all in Afghanistan safety and good will. Larry

  3. Happy Birthday?


    Kewl. Most best wishes, pard...