21 June 2007

Solstice on the ditch banks

It's the first day of summer and the highs have been in the mid-90s for the last week and are expected to rise by the weekend. This morning I spoke with Conrad, my increasingly disheveled buddy, while returning from my run along the irrigation ditch bank trails near my home

Conrad is tall and slender with a wild mop of graying blond hair and a high voice. He has to be 80 years of age, looks like a street person, but owns a home, talks about his investments, and appears very well read. The first several months I knew him I wasn’t sure whether he was male or female, though his Adam’s apple finally convinced me. He aged rapidly after the death of his dog, a big German shepherd by the name of Storm, a few years ago and I hadn’t seen him since last summer.

Anyway, after we caught up, he told me the latest theory to explain George W.’s behavior. He tells he was listening to radio talk show of “young Turks” who claimed that Barbara Bush was “in the drink” during her pregnancy with Dubya, who has fetal alcohol syndrome, a condition that produces mental and physical defects in the unborn..

“So, these Americans are looking for some explanation other than accepting responsibility for having elected him into office not once, but twice,” I said.

“He was not elected the first time,” Conrad reminded me, “so he couldn’t have been legally re-elected.”


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