17 June 2010

Hanging with 'Burque's four-legged brethern

I passed Stretch running along a near North Valley ditchbank and thought it was good that animals aren’t as likely to be embarrassed as humans. If that was the case, then surely this llama would have been a little self-conscious about the way his recent shearing exaggerated that silly, curly pompadour on his head.

I’m surrounded by animals in Albuquerque.

The dog, a 10-month-old Lab mix, where I am house-sitting did not warm up to me until the cat, ol’ Slim, sauntered in later in the evening and positioned his head under my hand for petting. That was the dog’s cue to move in and make friends. Now if want to read some human intentions into the animals’ behavior, I would speculate that young Bailey didn’t want a lowly cat to monopolize my attention, plus it was evidence that I could be trusted without either of their two “owners” being present in the house. We animals traveling solo appreciate some predictability

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