09 September 2009

Kabul air sickens one in three, doctor says

Concrete and steel-reinforced buildings are reduced to rubble by hand at the new AUAF campus site. Where brick was used, workers strip away the mortar and salvage them for re-use. Some of the bombed-out buildings housed families of squatters who were removed in recent months. The view was especially obscured when I ran the perimeter of the site this morning. Earlier this year, the chief of staff at the Afghan EPA said air pollution in Kabul is seven times more than what is considered safe. “If such pollution existed anywhere else in the world, there would be no schools open, no shops. No government agencies would be able to function," he told NPR.


  1. and you're running ?


    keep yer head down...

  2. Good to hear from you, John, but sucking back the noxious mix in sedentary resignation doesn't seem like any better alternative.