31 July 2009

Apparently it was something I said

I had a couple of hours yesterday afternoon that were good, not just better than lousy, but actually good. I even spoke with a few people, including the barber down the street who overcharged me for a lousy haircut, though he trimmed my beard, gave me my first professional shave (my face is now as smooth as a baby’s arse), and carefully removed those unsightly hairs that sprout from your ears once you get to be my age. At one point, he used the flame from an alcohol-soaked swab to burn away the buggers and though it didn’t hurt, the smell was nasty. And like a lot of non-western barbers, he massaged my head, shoulders, arms and hands. He even used one of those electric massage wands, which he ran over my crotch—twice no less—with a smile on his face! I don’t think I should have told him I was single and didn’t have any children.


  1. mmmmm i could use one of those nothing wrong with some vibrating on the old crotchel region, hey man hope stuff starts looking better

    with respect and love


  2. Wish you all the best. I got hooked on your story yesterday, I waited for my girlfriend's visa for 9 months. I have been following your blog on my RSS reader since January, but only yesterday did I find out about your story with your girlfriend and what things you have to contend with because of the bureaucracies of this world.

    You got my sincere sympathy. Keep going, mate.

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