08 March 2009

Herati streetlife in the shadow of the Citadel

A three-day weekend in Herat, the ancient city of about 350,000 near the borders of Iran and Turkmenistan, was a welcome break from the tight security restrictions of life in Kabul. Despite being ravaged during centuries of conquests, Herat today has more of its infrastructure intact than Kabul, the Afghan capital. This view of Herati streetlife was taken from one of the entrances to the Citadel, which was constructed in 1305 on the ruins of a fortress that preceded the reign of Alexander (336 B.C.-323 B.C.)

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  1. Afghanistan looks suspiciously like New Mexico, adobe against the mountains and blue sky. Just read Khaled Hosseini's novels and I can't believe you're in the same scary place.