11 June 2008

Riparian forest tales: Red and the coyotes

Just after starting a run with an old friend along a stretch of the Rio Grande bosque nature trail in Albuquerque earlier this week, we spotted a young man, probably in his late 20s, getting out of his roller blades to chase something or someone into the thicket of salt cedar, Russian olive and scrub vegetation flanking the asphalt trail. We soon found out that he was trying to “save” a dog that was being attacked by a pack of four coyotes. He claimed had seen the coyotes gnawing on the dog, a large, long-haired, red-coated retriever, which appeared exhausted and a little crazed after we eventually scared off the coyotes with a few rocks that were close enough. Then the dog was gone, presumably because it booked for home as fast as possible.