27 April 2008

Ethno-jazz seizes spotlight; J_B_S heads to Karakol

Mizrob, a trio playing mostly stringed instruments and drums from their native Takijistan, accompanied by two members of Shams, an Iranian traditional group, crafted the “ethno-jazz” highlight of the Jazz_Bishkek_Spring festival on Sunday.

Mizrob also joined members of the Swiss trio Zoom, led by drummer Lucas Niggli, in the rousing closing jam session of the three-day international festival in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, which dramatically demonstrated the appeal of its “music without borders” theme.

In the opening act, Nils Wogram, the trombonist from Zoom, accompanied Kazakh-Turkish vocalist Saadet Türköz in a duet that, unfortunately, failed to effectively meld their considerable individual talents.

Zoom closed the festival with a set of eclectic improvisations in which guitarist Phillip Schaufelbeger seemed spectacularly overshadowed by his bandmates, Wogram and Niggli. Zoom will join Mizrob and the Kyrgyz band Karakol in an extended evening of the festival scheduled for tonight in the city of Karakol on the eastern edge of Lake Issyk Kul.

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