20 February 2008

I'm not talking, that's what eye has got to say

I recently did my first run in three months, 35 minutes of penance in downtown Bishkek, which represents the second longest period of inactivity in 25 years of running. The primary explanation is laziness, though my running had become stale and I had lost my enthusiasm for the better part of a year before I stopped last November An abnormally cold winter, the same pattern that has affected much of Asia, from Afghanistan to China, also made my inertia easier to rationalize. These period of doldrums was still no match for the year I took off in the mid-1980s, ironically enough after completing my first marathon, during which time I resumed a smoking habit, went to bed each night after two soup bowls of ice cream, and added 25 pounds. And, yes, I have added some weight this time, though I can still see my toes without bending over.

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