22 November 2007

After a somewhat surreal Thanksgiving Day in Bishkek and about half a night's sleep, here’s what I wish for some friends and others on Turkey Day 2007 plus a day:

  • For Christine: A few minutes, just for old time’s sake, to listen to “By Your Side” by Sade and “Thank You” by Dido.
  • For Larry: A part-time job that pays $60K annually organizing the faith communities to return to their prophetic traditions.
  • For the turkeys of the world: Mass conversions to vegetarianism.
  • For the students of AUCA: Appreciation for your kindness.
  • For Nadya: A hug for my live music buddy and my best wishes for a bright future.
  • For Jon K. Chang: Empty seats to your left and right so you don’t knock anyone over trying to fill your plate.
  • For Peter: Two seats for a performance at one of your favorite NYC jazz clubs, one of which I will occupy.
  • For my native land: Impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney and their prosecution for treason and war crimes.
  • For the U.S. Congress, especially the Democratic leadership: It’s too late to grow a spine, so how about a one-way ticket to that special corner of hell reserved for the worst cowards?
  • For my fellow Americans: A refresher course on the responsibilities of citizenship, but if that proves too late to save the republic, then some floor space in hell with the bipartisan Congress.
  • For Lance: A sexy Russian blonde who finds you half as witty as you think you are and the internal fortitude to deal with the disappointment.
  • For Sam: A great new job in West Virginia.
  • For Bill G., Bill D., and Tim S.: A reminder, just in case you forget, that you are good men who stand tall in my estimation.
  • For the Nedster: clarity and courage, which we, of course, all need.
  • For Diana: appreciation for your personal concern, which extends beyond your professional call of duty.

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