07 June 2007

Back in Babylon

Albuquerque, NM--I returned to River City Monday evening and, in many ways, it seems as though I never left. I did a run Wednesday morning along the irrigational ditch trails near my house and it felt like I had just run the same route a few days earlier. There has already been a cutting or two of hay in Anderson Fields and I saw a family of ducks in the Alameda Drain, a major lateral in the North Valley.

Christine, who was minding my dog, Aengus, adopted a little Chihuahua-sized terrier and clawless kitty that can’t go outside, so we got a full household here. Earlier this morning, I spent a couple of hours in the yard, pruning and pulling weeds, which was comforting. Central New Mexico received some heavy dumpings of rain and snow the last year, halting a drought of some seven or so years. The last couple of days have also been windy and dusty. I’m looking forward to seeing my amigo/as from Albuquerque, so expect to be hearing from me soon.

And, for those in Bishkek, the flight back was long and uneventful, which is good, right? Ned, your four-day report is due soon, so stay tuned, and reassure Bernadette that I am returning. My best to everyone.

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