25 November 2006

The morning after

Even the scraggly trees outside my third-floor apartment looked regal with their first cloak of snow. While it has been accumulating for weeks on the nearby mountains, Bishkek had not received any snow this season until last Tuesday. The class I was teaching the morning the first flakes descended effectively stopped for a couple of minutes while we watched the silent show and discussed its beauty and the inconveniences it can create. Like Albuquerque, the city has no snow-removal equipment, though I think it receives more snow (and it's damn sure colder). I have been told I will be impressed by the dexterity and balance of women in high heels navigating the ice- and slush-packed streets and sidewalks.

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  1. back here in abq, we're hunkering down for the first big storm of the year...spozed to get into the teens thursday night...mebbe we'll get some snow...some already in chama today...

    happy thanksgiving, pardner...and the rest of the holidays